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SLB Labs & B!TCH Designs BaggyPants

I started to play a bit with my own made sculpts so here’s a new line of Baggy Pants which came out from a great idea of my friend Sian Bury of B!TCH Designs who gave them a pretty nice style touch.
The new B!TCH Baggypants are unisex pants available in 10 cool designs listed below, menu driven resizeable to best fit any avatar shape.

Copy permission.

InWorld: L$400 L$300
XStreetSL: L$400 L$220 !Limited time offer!

Available designs:

Black knit [buy]
Blue line [buy]
British Camo [buy]
Colour changing line [buy]
Darkblue line [buy]
Green line [buy]
Pink line [buy]
US Camo [buy]
White [buy]
White Camo [buy]

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