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[SLB] MH01M Male Mesh Rigged Avatar

With the introduction of meshes in Second Life I decided to give it a try and ended up with my first rigged mesh avatar. This is a male shape but I’ll pair it with a female version.

– Single colour L$600
– Colour Pack L$2000
– Single colour L$660
– Colour Pack L$2200

MH01M is available in four (4) single colours or in pack version:
– Aqua [buy]
– Bronze [buy]
– Purple [buy]
– Silver [buy]
– Pack (all of the above) [buy]

Each colour pack includes eight (8) variations for the body mesh:
– Regular
– Fullbright
– Fullbright + Glow
– Fullbright + Shiny
– Fullbright + Glow + Shiny
– Glow
– Glow + Shiny
– Shiny

Colour pack content:
– 8 Body meshes of the above variations for each colour purchased
– 1 Eyes mesh no-mod with texture applied
– 1 Eyes mesh mod texturable with the standard Second Life eyes template texture (texture not included)
– 1 Body shape mod (note: the shape *must* be of female type, using a male shape would deform your appearance)
– 1 Alpha layer full body (body+eyes) to wear if you want to use the Eyes mesh contained in the product
– 1 Alpha layer body only, to wear if you want to use your own regular Second Life eyes
– 1 This notecard

* this content is based on the MakeHuman mesh

For any questions, please *do not* drop me a notecard, I won’t be able to read it thru email. A plain IM will always work.

For the latest info feel free to check the Second Life section of my website http://www.slblabs.com/
Or check my profile to find other ways to contact me or follow me on other networks.

Thank you again for your purchase, have a nice day~

SLB Wirefly

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Early tests I recorded before the final version:

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