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[SLB] MH01M Male Mesh Rigged Avatar

August 26, 2011 Leave a comment

With the introduction of meshes in Second Life I decided to give it a try and ended up with my first rigged mesh avatar. This is a male shape but I’ll pair it with a female version.

– Single colour L$600
– Colour Pack L$2000
– Single colour L$660
– Colour Pack L$2200

MH01M is available in four (4) single colours or in pack version:
– Aqua [buy]
– Bronze [buy]
– Purple [buy]
– Silver [buy]
– Pack (all of the above) [buy]

Each colour pack includes eight (8) variations for the body mesh:
– Regular
– Fullbright
– Fullbright + Glow
– Fullbright + Shiny
– Fullbright + Glow + Shiny
– Glow
– Glow + Shiny
– Shiny

Colour pack content:
– 8 Body meshes of the above variations for each colour purchased
– 1 Eyes mesh no-mod with texture applied
– 1 Eyes mesh mod texturable with the standard Second Life eyes template texture (texture not included)
– 1 Body shape mod (note: the shape *must* be of female type, using a male shape would deform your appearance)
– 1 Alpha layer full body (body+eyes) to wear if you want to use the Eyes mesh contained in the product
– 1 Alpha layer body only, to wear if you want to use your own regular Second Life eyes
– 1 This notecard

* this content is based on the MakeHuman mesh

For any questions, please *do not* drop me a notecard, I won’t be able to read it thru email. A plain IM will always work.

For the latest info feel free to check the Second Life section of my website
Or check my profile to find other ways to contact me or follow me on other networks.

Thank you again for your purchase, have a nice day~

SLB Wirefly

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Early tests I recorded before the final version:

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[SLB] Orb Avatar

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

This amazingly customizable Orb Avatar comes with up to 46’656 different custom configurations, featuring 12 seamless textures from Torley Linden, texture scrolling animation enabler or disabled, 4 shininess settings, 6 particle settings, 9*9 particle colour variations, each one available in thousands of colours thanks to the built-in colour cycler function. In practice you actually get a fully customizable orb avatar with almost infinite available custom appearance settings.
The avatar comes along with its body prim, shape, hair and skin; sphere diametre 0.5m.
The Mod/Copy version lets you to use up to 12 favourite textures simply replacing the ones which come along with the avatar already.
Try the demo inworld at the store before buying if you like.

Available with Copy and Mod/Copy permissions.

InWorld: L$150/250
XStreetSL: L$165/275

[SLB] Orb Avatar copy (Boxed) [buy]
[SLB] Orb Avatar modify/copy (Boxed) [buy]

Menu Driven available options:

>   (12 preloaded textures)

>  ON
    Trail ON
    Trail OFF
    Flame ON
    Flame OFF
    >  Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, Grey, Black
    >  Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, Grey, Black

>  Cycle ON
    Cycle OFF

>  None

>  Scroll ON
    Scroll OFF

Reload AO


All the commands are also available through the channel number 548
The texture switching will always need to be done by touching the avatar itself.

Quick help command: /548 help
It will show you the list of the available commands:

Enabling Texture scrolling animation: /548 scroll on
Disabling Texture scrolling animation: /548 scroll off
Enabling switching texture feedback: /548 feedback on
Disabling switching texture feedback: /548 feedback off

Enabling particles: /548 particles on
Disabling particles: /548 particles off
Default particles: /548 particles default
Activate particles trail: /548 trail on
Deactivate particles trail: /548 trail off
Activate particles fire mode: /548 flame on
Deactivate particles fire mode: /548 flame off
Start colour particles: /548 start
End colour particles: /548 end
Particles can be: white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, grey, black.

Animate me: /548 anim start
Stop animating me: /548 anim stop
Reload animation overriding: /548 reload

Enabling colour cycling: /548 cycle on
Disabling colour cycling: /548 cycle off

Shininess OFF: /548 none
Shininess Low: /548 low
Shininess Medium: /548 medium
Shininess High: /548 high

Thanks to Torley who made available the texture packs where the subset of 12 textures included with this avatar come from.

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