SLB Labs

Welcome to the new SLB Labs website.

I wanted to detach it from my main website to give more independence and a dedicated section to what I am doing in Second Life.
When I first joined the Second Life platform in August 2003 I was curious about its potential and a new way to interact with virtual worlds. Since then, Second Life grew up quickly and it’s still growing up, giving the opportunity to people to express themselves in the most different ways, from just exploring this interesting world to create awesome virtual content.
I joined this experiment again after some years to extend my own knowledge and improve my skills, so in my spare time, after a while, I wanted to play a bit creating some stuff for fun and interest discovering new things day by day, and who knows, people could even like my work.
This website is meant to keep you up to date mainly about my new releases or other information I would want to share with you about Second Life but not only restricted to that.
Some of the things you could find at SLB Labs: Hi Quality Eyes, BaggyPants, Baggy, Pants, Masks, Hats, Flats, Shoes, Scripts, Shapes and more.
Products are usually available either inworld or through XStreetSL.
If you are interested to know something more, check out the About Me page, have fun and thanks for your interest :)


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